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Industrial Lubricants & Chemicals

With 150 specialized lubrication and allied chemical products in our extensive catalogue, with applications in industrial, automotive, marine and mining, you are sure to find a lubrication product that suits your purpose.

  • Air Drying Film

    Leaves a completely dry MoS2 film which is totally resistant to corrosion, will act as an excellent lubricant and is particularly useful in dusty conditions.

    • Provides lubrication where use of conventional wet lubricants is undesirable.
    • Excellent pre-assembly treatment, protective coating, high temperature and dry lubricant effective up to +350°C ...

    Used for the assembly of all moving parts to prevent scuffing and scoring, particularly when running in.

    The product can cope with extreme temperatures and pressures.

    • Pre-treatment of large open gears
    • Load-carrying capacity of the MoS2₂in excess of 2750Mpa
    • Used for the assembly of moving parts

    Available in 350ml aerosol ...

  • ATF Booster

    Replenishes additives in old fluid, extending useful life and ensuring smooth and optimal functioning


    Increases traction on all types of belt drives. Quick drying synthetic film gives longer life to old and glazed belts, and prevents hardening, cracking and staining.

    • Adheres to all belt materials without attracting dust or dirt.
    • For use on V, flat and conveyor belts.
    • Prevents slippage and extends belt life ...
  • Bitumen Primer

    Liquid bitumen solution designed to penetrate and seal porous surfaces, protect bare metal surfaces from corrosion and act as an industrial waterproofing agent

  • Catalytic Converter Cleaner

    Cleans as you drive, restoring fuel efficiency and optimizing performance


    Superior, non-staining, highly water-resistant chain and linkage spray that penetrates like oil, lubricates like grease and resists fling-off.

    • Lubricating conveyor chains operating up to +180°C.
    • Useful in heavy duty applications.
    • Used on heavy plate conveyors.
    • Effective on creasing and cutting machines.

    Available in 5 litre tin and the new ...


    Both 726A and DHT are high temperature chain lubricants that can withstand operating temperatures of up to +250°C. 726A is a non-black product which is an ideal chain lubricant in bakeries and the textile industry, where cleanliness is essential. DHT is a black product with added Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2 ...


    Medium viscosity chain lubricant, based on a highly refined mineral oil. Contains MoS2 in a highly dispersed state, which acts as an anti-wear agent and provides lubrication under heavy shock load conditions.

    • Suitable for standard and “O” ring type chains, linkages and cables.
    • Contains low friction soluble molybdenum in a ...
  • Clear Dry Film

    Leaves a completely dry PTFE film which is totally resistant to
    nearly all acids (including nitric acid) and alkali.

    • Non-toxic and non-staining.
    • Provides dry lubrication in dusty conditions for food, paper, plastics, textile and wood industries where a wet lubricant is undesirable.
    • Resistant to water, most chemicals and solvents.

    Available ...

  • Cold Zinc Galvanising Spray

    A cold zinc galvanising spray containing 95% purity zinc. Provides protective fi nal coating on primer whenever iron or steel will be exposed to corrosive conditions. Restoration of galvanised steel roofi ng. Agricultural machinery, air conditioning units, fences, marine equipment, boat house, metal fl oors & roofs, mining equipment, oil rigs ...

  • Contact Cleaner

    Industrial strength solvent cleaner for the cleaning of electrical and mechanical components

  • Copper Compound (Anti Seize)

    Prevents the seizure of bolts & nuts up to 1100°C or under corrosive conditions. Meets MIL-A-907E. Eliminates disc pad squeal. – Assembly of all threaded connections subject to high temperatures i.e. spark plug threads, cylinder head and exhaust manifold studs – Chrome compound is the most superior product for seizure prevention of threaded components under most unfriendly for corrosive/high temperature conditions – Not suitable for use ...

  • Copper Gasket Sealer

    Allows gasket to be positioned before assembling and takes up surface irregularities. Excellent conductor of heat. Must be used in conjunction with gaskets. Some gaskets can be reused. – A gasket positioning spray that becomes tacky approx. 2 minutes after application of the fi lm – Gaskets can be re-aligned for up ...

  • Cutting Spray

    Aerosol version of “T” Cutting Fluid. For tapping, reaming and drilling. Suitable for all steels including
    stainless steel and aluminium. Prolongs tool life. Developed for extremely difficult machining, reaming, tapping, drilling and thread cutting operations. Will give excellent performance when machining materials like armour plate, special stainless steels, normal steels ...


    Lubricant for heavy duty switchgear, does not increase electrical
    resistance during use and prolongs contact life.

    • Good lubricating properties, even with heavy wiping contacts.
    • Prevents tracking, shorting out and eliminates arcing.
    • Does not carbonise or form harmful deposits and assists in removing previous deposits.
    • Does not attack metals, plastics, rubbers ...

    Red coloured, moisture and oil resistant varnish which has
    excellent insulating properties for use in a variety of industrial

    • For use on all electrical windings, coils and motor frames.
    • Protects against arcing from controller shafts, switch bases and other electrical equipment.
    • Used as a sealant for pipes, gaskets, etc ...

    High flash point safety solvent specially developed for removing
    deposits normally found in electric motor windings.

    • Quickly dissolves oil, grease and removes dust and grime from electrical and mechanical components.
    • Quickly evaporates allowing minimum down-time on electrical equipment maintenance.

    Available in 5 litre and the new 20 litre drum featuring ...


    Precision blue metal marking dye for accurate
    engineering / metal fabrication layout work and
    • Quick drying, has excellent water-resistance and
    will not rub off.
    • Leaves a thin blue coating, non-glaring and
    Available in 350ml aerosol.

  • FMG (Food Machinery Grease)

    Colour white. Can be used when stringent NSF certification is not needed. When incidental contact with food is not possible.

    • - Should be applied where price is the main consideration
    • - Can be used in medium-speed bearing and sleeve applications and resists water wash-out and steam cleaning
    • - Protects from rust and oxidation ...

    Premium quality food machinery grease for use in food processing industry where incidental food contact may occur.

    • Suitable for wheel bearings, electric motor bearings, pump shaft bearings, conveyor bearings, sleeve bearings, etc.
    • Anti-wear additives protect against metal-to-metal contactgiving longer machine life and greater productivity.
    • NSF Registered for incidental food contact ...
  • Gasket Cleaner

    Powerful blend of solvents formulated to quickly and easily remove automotive and industrial remains of seals and gaskets, industrial coatings (paints, varnishes), adhesives carbon deposits, baked-on oil and grease from metal surfaces.


    Dispersion of very fine particles of graphite in an air drying resin, it provides lubrication when oils and greases cannot be used.

    • A protective coating which prevents corrosion during shipping and storage, pre-lubricates parts for immediate use.
    • High temperature lubrication which is stable at temperatures of -180°C to +350 ...
  • HT GREASE 777

    White high temperature long term grease for use in key applications where cleanliness is of prime
    importance. Also used as an assembly and anti-seize compound.

    • Lubrication of food and bottling machinery, photocopiers, printing machines, precision instruments, optical equipment, textile and packaging machinery.
    • Anti-seize effective up to +1200°C for all ...

    High temperature, high quality silicone grease resistant to water and corrosive conditions. Suitable
    for wide temperature range operating conditions -40°C to +200°C.

    • Excellent lubrication for plastic gears and mechanisms, electric cables drawn through conduit, laboratory glass joints, rubber components and cylinder rolls in train air brake applications.
    • Acts ...
  • Lectro Freeze

    An electronic fault finder, also used for shrink fitting of small metal components and a cooling aid for spot welding & soldering where sensitive equipment is involved. (Contains Flammable components but gives N.F. spray) – Electronic fault location, Shrink fitting, Soldering aid. Used in electrical/electronic equipment, eg. amplifiers, calculators, computers, DVD and Blue Ray players, integrated circuits, radar & navigational equipment, audio, telephonic/cellular, TV ...


    Electrical fault-finder which instantly produces freezing conditions of -45°C.

    • Assists in locating faults in transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, thermostats and other components.
    • Pre-cools sensitive electronic components prior to soldering.
    • Assists in cooling small components in preparation of shrink-fitting.

    Available in 200ml aerosol.


    High quality precision contact cleaner which dissolves and flushes away contaminants from electronic / electrical components.

    • Degreases and evaporates rapidly and completely, leaving no residue.
    • Does not attack metals, plastics, rubbers, paint or lacquers.
    • Reduces costs as components can be cleaned in situ without dismantling and eliminates damage due to hand ...

    Penetrates like oil, lubricates like grease for chains, linkages and cables.

    • Combines the advantages of grease with those of lubricating oil.
    • Excellent lubrication for smaller scale wire ropes and cables, chains and linkages, winches and pulley blocks, overhead cranes, rails and rollers.
    • Contains MoS2 which provides added protection and reduced ...

    Revolutionary multi-purpose grease giving long life performance at high temperatures.

    • 4 times the life of lithium grease and twice the life of lithium complex grease.
    • Lower maintenance costs and gives excellent water-resistance.
    • Excellent sheer stability, low temperature mobility and high drop point.

    Available in 500g tin, 5kg tin, 15kg keg ...


    Effective cleaner for switchgear, relays, brushes, circuit breakers, rheostats and switch contacts of all types.

    • Washes away dirt, grease and other contaminants.
    • Evaporates quickly, leaving a protective lubricating film, restoring the contact and preventing corrosion of metal parts.
    • Increases contact area, reduces resistance and prevents arcing.

    Available in 200ml & 400ml ...


    High quality, all purpose lithium-based grease.

    • Suitable for lubrication of plain, needle, ball and roller bearings of all types.
    • Fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors.
    • Suitable for lubrication of industrial & mining equipment.

    Available in 500g tin, 5kg tin, 15kg keg and bulk packs.


    Engineering high-spot locator is a blue paste for locating high-spots on mating surfaces such as bearings and shafts. High-spots will be shown as bright streaks when shaft is turned in the bearing.

    • Gear meshing and alignment.
    • Correct valve seating.
    • Differential wear pattern locator.
    • Critical contact areas.

    Available in 30g tube.


    For corrosion protection of steel injection and
    extrusion moulds in storage between use. Also used
    to protect all steel and other metal surfaces against
    • Displaces and repels water.
    • Protects metal surfaces from rust and acid / alkali
    Available in Blue, Brown (Standard) and Green 400ml


    For applications where a silicone / PTFE free mould
    release agent is required.
    • This product has been formulated for severe
    conditions, including de-stressing of polycarbonate
    injection mouldings.
    • Forms a heat-resistant wet film on the mould and
    can easily be removed by common solvents if
    Available in 320ml aerosol.

  • Multi-Purpose Grease

    Premium grade non-melting grease for use in anti-friction bearings.

    • Suitable for use where high temperatures and / or heavy load conditions exist.
    • Excellent water and corrosion resistance properties.
    • Suitable for working temperatures up to +160°C, with intermittent peak use up to +200°C.
    • Use MPG 1646 when a tackier grease ...
  • Open Gear Cleaner

    High quality open gear lubricant. A very thin
    application will make it possible to use much less
    than standard open gear dressings. No heat or
    solvent required for application.


    Extreme pressure, tacky grease specially developed for pins and bushes in earthmoving and industrial equipment. Operates at temperatures ranging between -15°C and +150°C.

    • Resists lubricant displacement under high load, boundary conditions and is non-melting.
    • Suitable for use in plain and low speed rolling
    • elements operating at higher than ...

    Extreme pressure, tacky grease specially developed for pins and bushes in earthmoving and industrial equipment. Operates at temperatures ranging between -15°C and +150°C.

    • Resists lubricant displacement under high load, boundary conditions and is non-melting.
    • Suitable for use in plain and low speed rolling
    • elements operating at higher than ...
  • Quick Start

    Aerosol spray for instant starting of petrol and diesel
    engines. Contains high vapour pressure hydrocarbons
    to give instant ignition in cold and damp weather when
    starting is difficult.


    High quality heavy duty industrial cleaner and degreaser which flushes away oils, grease and removes dust and surface contaminants.

    • Quick drying and leaves no residue allowing for minimum downtime.
    • Cleans and degreases metal parts, glass and ceramics.
    • For cleaning of new or used bearings prior to grease filling, brake systems ...
  • RB2 & RB2-X Grease

    Black, high quality lithium complex grease containing special
    extreme pressure additives.
    • Can be widely used in anti-friction bearings or applications
    subject to slow or high speed, heavy loads and wet conditions.
    • Fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors.
    • RB2-X contains higher quantities of MoS2 to protect metals in
    greater shock load ...


    Highly effective silicone paste and fluid, NSF registered – Category H1.

    • Ideal mould release for compression & injection moulding of plastics.
    • Effective on embossing rollers and imparts a better finish to products.
    • A powerful release agent in moulding of synthetic rubbers.
    • Can also be used as a multi-purpose lubricant in the food ...
  • Spatter Release Ceramic

    Prevents adherence of weld spatter on MIG nozzle. Provides a film that prevents adherence around the weld zone allowing any spatter to be brushed away easily. Does not interfere with the subsequent paint adhesion qualities and is especially suitable for the automobile manufacturing industry. Protects delicate work pieces: threads, machine ...


    Black, high quality synthetic oil-based grease
    containing special extreme pressure additives, rust
    and oxidation inhibitors.
    • Contains MoS2 which provides added protection and
    reduced wear.
    • Does not leave carbon deposits at high
    temperatures in anti-friction bearings.
    • Some specific applications are: oven kiln-car
    bearings, furnace door hinges, high temperature /
    high speed anti-friction ...


    Premium long term multi-purpose grease specifically designed
    for use in high speed bearings under high temperatures.
    • Used in the lubrication of plastic extrusion equipment where
    high temperatures are reached.
    • Suitable for electric motor fan bearings, wheel bearings,
    electric motor bearings, generators, pump shaft bearings and
    conveyor bearings, etc.
    • Excellent under ...


    Specially developed, semi-synthetic wire rope dressings, which contain solid lubricants, extreme pressure, anti-fretting, anti-corrosion additives and resist displacement by high load pressures and water.

    • 1345 is a tacky lubricant for wire ropes in mining, marine, earth moving and industrial equipment.
    • LQG-X is a semi-fluid version designed for easy application and ...
  • WR Bearing Grease

    Red coloured high quality, extreme pressure grease with extremely high adhesion properties. For water (hot or cold) and steam conditions. – Suitable for lubrication of plain, needle, ball and roller bearings of all types – Fortifi ed with rust and oxidation inhibitors and has a great resistance to water – Suitable for lubrication ...


    Red-coloured, high quality, extreme pressure grease with
    extremely high adhesion properties. Highly resistant to water
    (hot or cold) and steam conditions.
    • Suitable for lubrication of slow moving plain, needle, ball and
    roller bearings of all types.
    • Fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors and has a great
    resistance to water.
    • Suitable ...